March 2021

March 2021
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There is a full program that is available to members. Check out the Exercise Manuals tab on the mobile app or Manuals tab of the website.

Videos include: * Squat Tutorial
* Squat Mobility Tests
* Squat Mobility Drills
* Top Squat Mistakes & How to Fix Them
* How to Fix Your Weak Points
* Addressing Making Long Term Progress

Full Program In Manuals Tab

Squat Tutorial Here:

Perform these mobility tests

Ankle Mobility

Mobility to get under the bar

Top Mistakes:

Sticking Butt Out

Knee Cave &
Hip Shift

Rolling Forward

Weakness Out of the Hole

partial Range of Motion

Have a weak spot in the squat?

This video is all about fixing your weak points. This also assumes you have good squat technique already. Master the basics before thinking you have a specific weak point in a squat. This is a problem intermediate to advanced lifters deal with.

Why am i not making progress?

Struggling to see progress in your big lifts? This video discusses optimizing your recovery and training. From technique improvements to considering your nutrition, sleep, hydration and supplementation. 

The full program can be found in the manuals tab of your app or the website. happy squatting

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