November 2020

November 2020
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Upper Body Warm Up
Lower Body Warm Up
Full Body Warm Up

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50 Finishers [PDF]
A Full Bodyweight Program is in publishing and will go live this month!

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"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go"
T.S. Elliot

EBP: What is Evidence Based Practice? Who do I listen to?

Evidence based practice(EBP) is often misunderstood because studies are often not understood, misrepresented and skewed for the sake of selling some kind of product by using over-hyped claims.

EBP is a combination of 3 things: 1) The Best available research(Tightly Controlled RCTs over Rat Studies or In Vitro studies) 2) Practitioner Experience – My experience as a practitioner contributes to helping select what is appropriate for a client 3) Client needs and preferences – A client may be likely to adhere to an intervention that isn’t what might be touted as “optimal”, but that is why their preferences are so important–adherence!

RPE: Rate of perceived exertion

There are different ways to gauge how hard you work during your workouts. RPE is one way you will see me used frequently in my program design in combination with percentage based programming. Check out the RPE Resource in the Resources section of the website and watch the attached video for more! 


Rapid Fitness
Upper Body
Warm up

Rapid Fitness
Lower Body

Rapid Fitness
Full Body

50 Finisher Previews:

50 Finishers is a manual now available in the members section of Rapid Fitness Online, so you have full access to it! 

In it you will find 50 different, high-intensity ways to finish your workouts! There are 10 of the following: 

– Bodyweight Finishers
– Kettlebell Finishers
– Core Finishers
– Booty Finishers
– Strength Finishers

So dive in! There are previews of each section below! 

Finisher 45: Strength Finisher

Finisher 32:
Booty Finisher

Finisher 22:
Core Finisher

Finisher 11:
Kettlebell Finisher

Finisher 1:
BW Finisher



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