All Group Memberships include: 24 Hour Gym Membership Tanning Sauna Access to unlimited Content

Fit 60: a 60 minute class with a focus on toning, strength and cardio. Each class is unique with the focus ranging from full body to legs or just the 3 upper body parts. Isolated dumbbell lifting designed to tone, build muscle and burn fat, with sets of high-intensity cardio between each set. There’s no shortage of variety here- we’ll take you through cardio, dumbbell work, core and more.

revive.KETTLEBELL: High-intensity interval training at its finest. You will use kettlebells, wall balls, ropes, and body-weight exercises to get your heart rate up and calories burning! No two classes are the same to keep your body guessing and your mind engaged.

Yoga Sculpt: This high-intensity class alternates between yoga flow and hand weights. Boost your metabolism and build lean muscle while breathing through fun and strengthening sequences using dumbbells and or body weight. Leave with a strong mental focus and revived body. Class is heated. All levels are welcome.

Vinyasa Flow: Flowing postures that are linked together using breath. Creative sequencing and dynamic movement allow the body to open, destress and improve circulation. This class is slightly heated and varies in levels of intensity. You will leave this class feeling invigorated in the body and calm in the mind. All Levels are welcome.

revive.OPEN BARBELL: Use of the barbell in functional fitness layout. We will focus on strength and then do one sprint/cardio workout to finish.

YogaFit: You will improve all around health, performance, and mental acuity. Are you interested in improving your level of fitness? Then this is for YOU. It is for everyone and every level. Build confidence while building muscle and toning. You will blend balance, strength, flexibility and power into one class.